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Serger Thread – Types and Benefits of Using Sergers

Serger thread is finer than regular sewing machine thread, in order to avoid bulky seams.  It must be smooth and consistent in diameter since it passes through so many guides in a serger.  Serger thread should not leave a lot of lint, so that it does not clog the serger.  Serger thread is sold on a large spool, called a cone, and generally has a length of 3000 yards.  Serger thread can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, or wooly nylon.  When choosing thread, select colors that blend with your fabric.

Serger Thread Benefits and Tips for Using it | Discount Craft Supplies

Sergers use multiple strands of thread to form a zigzag pattern across the edge of your fabric to keep it from fraying. This makes it ideal when working with lighter weight fabrics such as knits and formal materials. Sergers also form a cleaner and more professional edge quickly. You will notice that a serged edge looks very similar to the edges you will find on storebought clothing.

Benefits of Sergers and Serger Thread

Serger thread is needed when using a serger because it is made for the interlocking motions of the serger. It will glide quickly and easily through the machine as well as prevent thick knots from forming along the edges. Serger thread is also specially wound so that it will not tangle on itself, also preventing knots from forming.

Sulky Cotton Thread

Types of Serger Thread

  • 100% Polyester - Multi-use, the most common type.
  • Nylon - very strong; recommended for swimwear, lingerie, sportswear, elasticized fabric
  • 100% Cotton - not quite as strong, use on woven materials or in the loopers, with polyester or nylon in the needles
  • Woolly Nylon - texturized, soft, and strong, can stretch & recover;  comes in "kinked" or "flossy;" use for swimwear, lingerie, sportswear, elasticized fabric

YLI Woolly Nylon Thread

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