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Safety Pins – Find the Right Type and Size

Safety pins are one of those craft notions that can be used for almost any craft project. At first, they were used mostly in sewing projects much like sewing pins or straight pins. They can be used to hold fabric in place before being sewn without the danger of being stuck by a needle. Now, some safety pins are designed to be multipurpose, either for use in another craft or for other purposes.

Tips for Buying Bulk Safety Pins and Safety Pin Size Charts | Discount Craft Supplies

Types and Uses

There are many different types of safety pins. You can choose between pins coiless or regular coiled pins. Pins with different lengths and gauges of wire. Different types of metal or colors. Or choose between curved and straight. We will have the right pin for your project!

Collins Safety Pins

Quilters use curved safety pins to tack down a pieced top, batting, and quilt backing to hold everything in place before actually quilting the layers together. Knitters and crocheters use coiless safety pins as stitch markers. Add a pin between repeats of stitches, mark an increase or decrease to keep track of your pattern, or pin together pieces of a sweater before seaming it up. Create jewelry with seed beads on the pins. We have safety pins in fun colors just for jewelry projects. Safety pins for diapers are also available and are the perfect way to add a cute touch to your cloth diapers. They are even useful to keep around for the non-crafty (gasp!) people out there. Keep some handy in case your clothing needs to be repaired at an inopportune time, and this will provide a quick fix until you can properly mend your clothing. Sewists use them in a variety of sizes to tailor the fit of a garment, tacking down an trim before sewing it, or holding pieces of a pattern together so you can try it on without sticking yourself. In fact, we also sell packs with multiple sizes of safety pins, so you will always have the size you need available.

Safety pins are typically metal, usually brass, steel, nickel, or a combination thereof. The type of metal used determines whether the pins will stick to a magnet -- a plus for making sure there are none on the floor. Nickel plating helps prevent steel pins from rusting.

jewelry safety pins

Safety Pin Size Chart

Imperial safety pins are sized as follows:

  • Size 00 or 2/0 = ¾ inch
  • Size 0 = 7/8 inch
  • Size 1 = 1-1/16 inch
  • Size 2 = 1-1/2 inch
  • Size 3 = 2 inches
  • Size 4 = 3 inches
  • Notice that the increase in length is not equivalent as the size goes up.
  • Size 4 safety pins are also known as blanket pins.
  • In metric, typical sizes are 37 mm (~1-1/2 inches) and 46 mm (~1.8 inches).
  • Bulk safety pins are sold in quantities of 144 called "Gross". If a box of safety pins has 10 Gross, that means that there are 1,440 pins in that box.

Common Manufacturers

Project Inspiration

  • Add beads to them and attach to a cuff
  • Use as embellishments on your DIY clothing
  • Pin 4-5 beaded pins to a base pin for a fun brooch
  • Attach to a ponytail holder for an unexpected adornment

Projects Using Saftey Pins

Cabled Arm Warmers

Printed Christmas Ornaments

 Starburst Necklace

Starburst Necklace

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