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Quilt Stencils – Using Them for Quilting and More

Quilt stencils are thin, flexible plastic stencils that can be used in quilting and other craft projects. The stencil acts as a guide when making a quilt, and gives an exact shape and form to work with. Stencils can be used for quilt blocks and borders.  Stencils come in all sizes and widths depending on their intended use. Quilt stencils can be cleaned with soap and water, and can be used over and over again.

Using Quilt Stencils in Quilting and Other Crafts | Discount Craft Supplies

Types of Quilt Stencils

Block Stencils

Quilt stencils designed to be used block by block. There are many themes to choose from and many ways to use them. They come in smaller and larger sizes, so they can either fill a full block or just a piece or corner.

Borders and Corners

These stencils help you create intricate patterns around the edge of your quilt. They can range anywhere from 1" to 6" wide, depending on the detail of the design and are designed to to line up to create a continuous pattern.

Quilting Creations Quilt Stencil Cable Corner Border

Overall and Background

These quilt stencils are designed similarly to borders in that they will line up to give you a continuous design, but they fill up a full block and will go in rows down your quilt.

How to Use a Quilt Stencil

  1. Begin at the center of your quilt top
  2. Place the stencil on the fabric, using tape or a small amount of fabric glue to keep it in place
  3. Use chalk, a fabric pencil, or a quilt pounce to outline the stencil; if the design is complicated, it can help to use several different colors
  4. Remove the stencil from the fabric and double-check that the whole pattern has been outlined
  5. Use a long basting stitch to follow the marks you made with the chalk/fabric pencil
  6. Be sure to wash your stencil with a damp cloth after each use to avoid chalk residue
  7. Always mark the pattern onto blocks from the center to the outside of the quilt, minimizing the risk of smudging what was already traced

Quilting Creations Quilt Stencil Heartfelt

Quilt Stencil Manufacturer

Using Quilt Stencils for Other Craft Projects

  • Walls - Attach with painters tape and trace with a pencil.
  • Curtains - Either use paint or stitch similarly to a quilt
  • Furniture - Wood or smooth surfaces can use quilt stencils and paint.
  • Clothing - Attach with a temporary adhesive and dab fabric paint over it with a Stencil Brush
  • Embroidery - Trace with a pencil or fabric pen
  • Beadwork - Stitch on beautiful bead designs
  • Leather - Stitch with a contrasting color for a funky look
  • Wood burning - Trace with a pencil, then burn the design
  • Scrapbook embellishments - Look like an artist by tracing with a marker
  • Cake decorating - Either trace with a toothpick and go over it with icing, or use sprinkle powdered sugar, cocoa, or sprinkles over it and remove.

Projects Using Stencils

Mail Call– Stenciled Bag

Stencil Basics

Snowflake Tealight Holder

House Number Planter

House Number Planter

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