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Needle Threader – Types and Uncommon Uses

Needle threaders are invaluable tools for anyone who works with needles, thread, yarn, embroidery floss or the like.  A needle threader will help you get very fine thread through the tiniest of needle eyes, or help pull the chunkiest of yarns through the eye of a tapestry needle. Needle threaders are especially helpful for threads that tend to fray at the ends.  Of course, a needle threader is priceless for those times when either the eyes or the lighting aren't quite good enough to do the job.

Different Types of Needle Threaders and Tips for Using Them | Discount Craft Supplies

Types of Needle Threaders

Needle threaders come in two main types.  There are threaders for finer threads and threaders for yarn and thicker items.

Most every needle threader for sewing thread has the same basic design, a diamond shaped wire with a handle.

Tapestry threaders are needle threaders for thicker threads and yarns usually consist of a flat piece of metal with a hole stamped through a tongue in the end.

Dritz Tapestry Needle Threader

There are also "desk" threaders.  With these devices you insert the thread into a groove, set the needle into a slot, and press the button. A piece of thin metal pushes the thread through the eye of the needle.

There are also  needle threaders specifically for threading sewing machines or sergers.

How to Use a Needle Threader

To use a regular sewing or tapestry threader, first insert the wire or tongue through the eye of your needle.  Place the thread or yarn through the wire or hole in the tongue.  When you pull the threader back out of the needle, the thread or yarn comes along with it.  Now you have a threaded needle.

Fons and Porter Needle Threader

Other Uses

  • Pulling back snags in sweaters and other knit garments
  • Finishing the ends on the back of knitting or crocheting
  • Pulling thread ends to the wrong side of a garment

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