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Clover Notions – Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing Tools

Clover Notions is a manufacturer of tools and accessories used in a variety of needlework and crafts including knitting, crochet, hand and machine sewing, felting, and quilting. Their most popular product lines are for sewing and quilting and include needles, pins, fabric markers, rotary rulers and templates. They also produce an assortment of specialty tools, such as bias tape makers, quick yo-yo makers, and even Asian knot templates.

Clover Notions, Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks and More | Discount Craft Supplies

Product Lines

Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks

In addition to carrying just about every size of crochet hook, and circular, single point and double point knitting needle, Clover also makes stitch markers, point protectors, knitting needle cases, crochet hook cases, stitch holders, row counters, and knitting spools.  Clover Notions bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks come in sets that also include a carrying case to keep all your needles or hooks neatly organized.

Learn to Knit or Crochet

Knitting Help

Crochet Basics

Clover Notions Circular NeedleClover Notions crochet hook


Clover's selection of innovative templates includes tools to make quick yo-yos in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Trace'n Create template will help you make your own custom purses, Kanzashi Flower Makers let you easily make traditional Japanese folded fabric flowers, or try out the bow makers or puff quilting tools.

How To Use The Quick Yo Yo Maker - Video

Clover Notions Yo Yo Maker

Hand Needles & Accessories

Clover Notions also include a wide assortment of hand sewing needles to fit every need.  These include hand quilting, hand embroidery, tapestry, chenille, darning and even double eye needles. Of course, along with the needles there are needle threaders, pin cushions, and needle cases.

Clover Notions Hand Needles

How to Choose the Right Hand Sewing Needle

The main things you need to know in choosing a needle for hand sewing are what you are stitching with (what goes into the eye of the needle) and what you are stitching through.

  • What you are stitching with determines what type of eye you need in your needle.  If you are using a heavy yarn, then you need a large eye in order for the yarn to be able to pass through.  If you are stitching with a fine silk thread, it would fall right out of a large needle eye, so you need a needle with a smaller eye.
  • What you are stitching through determines what type of point you need.  If you are working on a heavy canvas and want the stitching to pass between the weave, you need a needle with a blunt tip, such as a tapestry needle.  If you want your stitching to pierce the threads, then you need a sharp point.
  • Generally the higher the size number, the finer and shorter the needle.  As a rule, smaller needles make for smaller stitches and vice-versa, so keep in mind what it is you are trying to accomplish.
  • Hand Sewing Needles
  • More info on hand sewing needles


Bias Tape and Bias Taper Makers

You can quickly and easily make your own custom bias tape in sizes from ¼" to 2" using Clover's bias tape makers

For information on making and using bias tape, visit the bias tape buying guide.

Clover Notions Bias tape maker Clover Notions fusible bias tape makers


Needle Felting

Felting is the process by which unspun wool (called roving) is shrunk and/or bonded together.  Punching wool roving with a special barbed felting needle can attach it to any fabric in the patterns and designs you desire.  This can be done freeform or you can use Clover felting needle.  You'll want to do your felting over a special needle mat or brush, as the needles are barbed and extremely sharp and you don't want to risk stabbing yourself.  Wool roving for felting can be purchased and then dyed in a variety of colors, in single color packages or assortments.

Learn Needle Felting

clover needle felting


Mini Iron

The Clover Mini Iron is compact, lightweight and easily portable in the Cooling Tote Bag.  It's useful for all sorts of crafts, especially when a conventionally sized iron is too large for the job.  Available for the Mini Iron II is a set of five adaptor tips great for many crafts such as quilting, doll making, stenciling and paper crafts.

mini iron


For More Information on Clover Notions

Clover's website provides a wealth of crafting information, including tutorials, projects and an inspirational gallery of what folks have made using Clover products.

Projects Using Clover Notions

Nalebinding – Viking Knitting Technique

Mixed Cable Headband

Overnight Beanie Pattern

Child Stitches

Fabric Yo-Yo Tank Top

Fabric Yo-Yo Tank Top

And check out various Clover Notions, reviews, and projects at our Think Crafts Blog.


About the author, Sandy Huntress

With over 30 years of sewing experience and more than 20 years of crafting I've rarely met a craft I didn't like, and have all the gadgetry to prove it.    You'll often find me in my sewing and crafting room where I design and make garments, quilts, scrapbooks, cards, paper crafts, dolls, home decor and jewelry; just to name a few.  I'm always interested in trying the next new thing and love to share my knowledge with others.  For great sewing and crafting inspiration, ideas and tutorials, check out Keepsake Crafts.


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