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Stickers – Paper Craft Decor for Kids and Adults

Craft stickers are used in countless crafting projects, including scrapbooking, cardmaking, journaling, altered art - basically any kind of surface to which they will adhere. But they aren't just the scratch-and-sniff varieties you collected as a child or the gold stars that you were given on your homework assignments. Today, craft stickers range from the sophisticated to the simple, and include alphabet, rhinestone-adorned, vellum-based and so many more.

Types Of Stickers and Crafting Ideas | Discount Craft Supplies

Types of Stickers

3D or Puffy

Raised elements to add extra dimension to a design. Typically, there is a piece of foam underneath that raises it and gives it a "puffy" appearance. They can also be rhinestones, pearls, or have added embellishments such as glitter or ribbon. Adhesive craft foam shapes can also be used. They can be made up of individual rhinestones arranged to form a shape and attached to a clear piece of adhesive to keep the shape together.


Groups made up of commonly used phrases. Packs of phrase stickers usually surround a specific theme, such as "happy birthday" or Christmas. They are commonly used in scrapbooks as captions for pictures or titles.


Separate letters to make specific phrases or titles. They come in many different fonts, themes, sizes, and some have designs in the background. They can be used in scrapbooking, home decor, or as a way to label things.

Martha Stewart Sticker Alphabet


The glitter can either be embedded into the material, not affecting its texture, or it can be added to the top in a 3D paint form to add dimension. Some are solid glitter on the inside, typically silver, with a rhinestone outline that forms a shape.


Most come in packs that revolve around a specific theme. This can be helpful for scrabookers making albums with specific events or themes in mind. These themes can range from summer to holidays. Floral themes can be used for scrapbook albums or cardmaking. Wedding themes are a great addition to a wedding album. EK Disney Stickers are perfect for the Disneyland album, or for a child who loves a specific movie character.

Sticker Materials


Perhaps the most common type. These are thin (flat) and made of paper, from traditional to vellum and beyond.


Typically dimensional with layers of fabric. They can add a unique texture to your paper crafts.


Much thicker and of a heavier weight than paper.

Gems and Jewels

Use an extra strong adhesive to stick to your materials. The jewels can come separate, or attached to a clear adhesive sheet in a shape.

All That Bling Blue Stars

How to Choose the Right Sticker for Your Needs

  • The main factor in choosing which sticker you need for a given project is aesthetic. Ask yourself how would it enhance your design. If you need a title for a scrapbook page, pull out some oversized letters in a complementary color. Missing a bit of punch? Use three little flowers, or rhinestones along the corner of a photo. Also consider thickness when making your decision.
  • If you use a bling item, for example, remember it will press into anything too tightly stored against it, potentially damaging your project.
  • If you are scrapbooking, make sure that your sticker is acid free. Adhesive with acid will damage the paper and the photos surrounding it. EK Sticko are ideal for scrapbooking because they are photo safe and come in a wide variety of themes.

How to Use Stickers

  • To use, just peel them from their backing and apply to your project.
  • If you're using alphabets or words and want to ensure an aligned phrase, a quick tip is to first stick them along the edge of a ruler with the tops hanging over. Press those bits of exposed sides down to your surface, then slowly twist the ruler out from under. As they are removed from the ruler, press them into place.

EK Sticko Stickers Vacation

Popular Manufacturers

There are countless manufacturers. Some of the most well-known ones include:

Paper Crafting Project Ideas

  • Stickers with gems are great for phones and electronics. They can be removed easier
  • Use a sticker to close an envelope
  • Alphabets can be used to personalize anything

Projects Using Stickers

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Time to Celebrate the Guy in Your Life

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Colorblock Mug

Colorbolock Mug

For more examples of how crafters put stickers to use, check out our Think Crafts Blog.


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