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Plastic Canvas - Types, Counts, Weights, and More

Plastic canvas is a craft material of lightweight plastic with a grid of holes, much like embroidery canvas (Aida cloth).  It is also called vinyl weave, vinyl Aida, and plastic canvas mesh. Plastic canvas is available with different sized holes (indicated by the count listed on the packaging), to accommodate different thicknesses of yarn. You can also find plastic canvas in multiple colors (white or clear are the most common though), as well as shapes, such as circlesovals, hearts, starssquares, crosses, and rectangles.

Types of Plastic Canvas

  • Ultra-stiff plastic canvas is best for projects need to be a little sturdier, such as boxes or coasters. Any projects that will need to stay flat should use an ultra-stiff plastic canvas.
  • Supersoft plastic canvas works well for projects that will be bent or curved. They are more easily shaped and will hold a curve much easier than the Ultra-stiff variety.

What a Count is and How to Choose the Right One for Your Project

The count tells the number of holes per linear inch. Use a higher count for designs with a thinner yarn and more detail, or a lower count for thicker yarn and faster coverage.

  • #7 plastic canvas is the most common variety. It is best suited with worsted weight yarn and a darning needle. The holes are large enough to finish a project quickly, but small enough to add detail to your plastic canvas.
  • #10 plastic canvas is smaller than #7, so you will need a lighter weight yarn and a smaller needle.
  • #14 plastic canvas is the smallest available. It typically uses multiple strands of thread tied together.

Popular Plastic Canvas Brand

Plastic Canvas Project Information and Inspiration

  • To learn which yarn is best suited for your plastic canvas, visit the yarn buying guide
  • If you're using a size #10 or #14, embroidery floss may be a better fit for your project, learn about the different types at the embroidery floss buying guide.

Use plastic canvas as a sturdy foundation for:

  • Needlepoint projects
  • Sun catchers
  • Coasters
  • Ornaments
  • Placemats
  • Tissue box covers
  • Jewelry box covers
  • Handbags
  • Pins
  • Baskets
  • Book covers
  • Magnets
  • Votive cover
  • Mouse pad
  • Wall hanging

Projects Using Plastic Canvas 

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