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Craft Organizers – Storage for all Craft Supplies

Craft organizers come in all shapes and sizes, and help to keep all of your supplies in one place! They can range from totes, boxes, caddies, cases, bins and holders. We offer craft organizers specially designed to hold supplies for almost any craft, whether you need to sort beads, bobbins, buttons, or brushes.

Find the Right Craft Organizer and Get Your Supplies Organized | Discount Craft Supplies

Tips on Organizing your Craft Supplies

1. Decide how you're going to organize your supplies (by color, theme, size)

2. Decide how you want to store them (bins, cases, caddies, holders, etc.)

3. Decide whether you need portable or stationary storage - depending on your type of hobby

4. Be aware of the limitations of your crafting space for shelving or cabinets

Storing your Supplies

1. Be sure that your supplies are away from dangerous situations (extreme heat or cold, within reach of small children, accessible to pets)

2. Be sure that your supplies are stored in child proof containers or that you have non-toxic items, such as paints or adhesives (if you have children in your home)

Types of Craft Organizers

  • Bead Organizer - These usally come in the form of plastic cases with multiple compartments inside. Beads can be separated by size, shape or color for ease of use. Some cases come with handles for easy transport. Most cases are stackable for easy storage. Most are made of transparent plastic so you can easily see the contents.

Darice Bead Storage System

  • Caddy - These can come in all shapes and sizes for a multitude of uses. Caddies can be used to store tools as well as materials (paint caddies, tool caddies, etc.). Some caddies even lock together for easy transport and storage too. Caddies also come in transparent plastic so you can easily see the contents. Caddies can also come in canvas types for transport of supplies to various activities.
  • Tote - Used for portable transport of your crafting supplies. Totes can be worn on the shoulder or can be as large as a suitcase with wheels. Tool totes are used to keep all of your crafting tools organized and usually have a handle for easy transport.
  • ArtBin - This manufacturer offers a variety of storage options. There are slimline cases, yarn drums, satchels, totes & storage boxes available. There are several colors available for each option. Most are made of transparent plastic so that you can easily see the contents.
  • Floss holder - You can store up to 20 floss holders (sold separately in packages of 10) in the DMC Floss Holder Roll. The Roll keeps your floss organized and separated so that there is no tangling.

DMC Floss Holder

  • Needle case - These containers keep your knitting needles organized and stored safely. These come in a variety of colors and can easily be stored in the yarn drum for easy transport and contained storage.
  • Needlework organizer - DMC offers several options for needlework storage. They have organizers that can be used for armchairs, over the door and portable options. Each system offers multiple compartments for easy storage of small items. The travel bag comes with a handle for easy transport.
  • Scrapbooking Storage - There are specialized binders made by scrapbooking companies. Scrapbooking paper can be kept in plastic envelopes stored in binders, magazine holders, or plastic bins. Photos can be placed in photo storage boxes, or in binders with photo storage envelopes. Keep your dies and trinkets organized by theme in zipper storage bags kept in either bins or binders.

Popular Craft Organizer Brands

Visit the Craft Mates buying guide for more information about storing and organizing your crafts.

Tips for Craft Organization

Craft Organization Tips

Craft Room Organization

Craftastic Organization


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