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Craft Eyes - from Googly Eyes to Animal Eyes

Craft eyes are available for many different types of projects including dolls, puppets, stuffed animals and children's crafts. They range in style from the cute and ever-familiar wiggle, or googly eyes, to more realistic looking animal eyes. Some craft eyes are glued onto your project, some are sewn on and others attach firmly by means of a post and washer (these being used mostly for stuffed animals and dolls.)

Googly Eyes and Animal Eyes, the differences and craft ideas | Discount Craft Supplies

Types of Craft Eyes

Wiggle, Google or Googly Eyes

Wiggle eyes are made up of a small white disc covered with a clear acrylic half round encasing a slightly smaller black disc. The black disc is free to move about inside the acrylic, giving the characteristic "wiggle." Wiggle eyes can be found in sizes ranging from 4-35mm. They often have a flat back for easy gluing; some are sticky back. Some sew-on wiggle eyes have a small shank on the back so they can be sewn onto projects. There are also wiggle eyes with neon colors, printed eyelashes, and multicolored centers.

Animal Eyes

Animal eyes consist of a dome of translucent acrylic with an opaque black center representing a pupil. They are available in styles that include a slit pupil resembling a cat's eye, bulging green eyes resembling a frog, and eyes with round pupils in gold, green, blue, black, brown or even pastels for dolls or other creatures. The sizes range from 6-30 mm. They all attach by inserting the post of the eye into a small slit in the fabric then snapping a washer onto the post from the backside of the project. Although they are quite secure, you should always consider them a choking hazard for small children or pets.

How to Use Animal Eyes

Since animal eyes will be more or less permanently attached to your finished project, make sure to carefully preview and mark your desired placement. Once you know where you want the eyes to go, make the smallest possible slit in your fabric. A seam ripper is useful for making this tiny slit. You can always go back and make the hole bigger if necessary, but you can't ever make it any smaller.

If the fabric you are using is lightweight it is a good idea to back the holes for the eyes with scraps of fusible interfacing.

Projects Using Craft Eyes

Whoot Owl Wreath

Monster Wreath

Shaped Halloween Card

Yarn Octopus

Whoot Owl Wreath   Monster Wreath

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